Examples of Mass Communication

In Mass Communication on September 28, 2009 at 7:51 pm

Team Name: Awful Dudes

All my Examples (part of our Delivery Method category):
opera, speech and public speaking, music, photography, semi form, print, instant messaging, theater, play, snail mail, color, email, twitter, blue tooth, morse code, writing and smoke signal

Five Examples: speech and public speaking, opera, print, photography, email

Throughout history, human beings have always liked to communicate with one another, using different means to spread their ideas or to gain knowledge. People gave speeches, wrote and performed operas, printed books and posters, all for communicating to the masses. Then came photography and, most recently, emails. These are all mediums that people commonly use to express themselves. Perhaps to pass on knowledge, perhaps to market a product or service, perhaps to express one’s opinions, but all with one goal which is to communicate.

Example Links:

Speech and Public Speaking, Opera, Print, Photography, Email

In his essay, Florian Brody stresses “the medium conveys memory as much as messages.” For the longest time, print has been one of the main avenues where people communicate ideas and information to the masses. Although the digital age has arrived, print is still very much alive. While the Internet and computers provide convenience and timeliness, many people still prefer the physical and tactile feel that comes from printed materials. That said, I do, however believe that print will eventually be replaced by these new mediums. When that day comes, we will forever hold on to the memories that print has brought us, how it shaped our culture.


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