Design Thinking or Hybrid Thinking

In Applied Design on November 9, 2009 at 5:03 am

The two articles The Making of a Design Thinker and Forget Design Thinking and Try Hybrid Thinking are definitely making the same argument, only that the authors define the term “design thinking” differently. In the latter article, Dev Patnaik looked at the term from a traditional point of view — “design” as in graphic design, how the product should look. Tim Brown, author of the first article, however, defines “design thinker” in a broader sense, including every aspect of life. Both authors stated that, in today’s complex and marketing-driven society, design has become more and more important. Not only do we need to design good-looking products, we must also involve experts in other domains in the creative process in order to produce products that answer to the consumers’ cravings in asthestics as well as other more practical needs. People who are capable of “hybrid thinking” will bring more to the table, contributing their expertise in different disciplines, and therefore designing better products.


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