How Do Innovators Think?

In Applied Design on November 23, 2009 at 4:47 am

The innovators in this article (by Bronwyn Fryer of Harvard Business Review) are like John Maeda, they all have a childlike curiosity, and such intense curiosity is difficult to come by. I often notice children ask questions that I never thought of, or they go study things that I take for granted. I always thought that this is because everything is new to children and they want to learn about everything new. Adults, on the other hand, are experienced and, therefore, most things are not new any more. After reading several articles that address the same thing, I realized that it is not that things are not new to us, it’s just that we are not able to see things in new lights. As we grow and experience life, we learn and accept matters as they are and do not stop and really study anything. An innovative person like John Maeda, however, would study everything, including a sugar cube, and that’s how they are able to draw the most unlikely connections and be truly creative. As adults, we need to learn to open our senses and pay more attention to our surroundings; as educators, we need to encourage students to ask questions and don’t accept the given answers too easily. Together, I hope we can promote an inquisitive culture where we encourage and cherish exploration and experimentation.

  1. This is really interesting and i agree that as adults we do not look and question the world and new things with the same interest and curiosity as we would when we are children. I think often it can be down to laziness or a lack of confidence that we may not understand it and feel stupid that we do not understand it. However designers realise that only by understanding something can they come up with an outcome that will work.

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