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Design Disciplines

In Design Theory on January 10, 2010 at 6:40 am

Assigned discipline: Interior Design

Part 1:
Interior design is the creation of interior environments. Combining technical knowledge and aesthetics, interior design professionals creatively produce environments that address the residents’ requirements and enhance the quality of life.

Parts 2 and 3:

from http://www.trendir.com — The designer combined the rough textures of the stones, the subtle grains of the wood and the smooth stainless steel, creating an interesting environment.

from http://www.modulararts.com — The wavy texture on the wall relfects the sea life nature of the food served in this sushi restaurant, and the wood counters, floors and wall panels suggest a subtle Asian look and feel.

Shape and Form

from http://www.interiordesign.net — Everything in this bathroom is square and, therefore, made up a very structured shape and form.

from http://www.wallpaperpimper.com/ — This room, in contrast, is all about the curves.


from: http://www.interiordesign.net — The designer of this kitchen used colors of very light value, primarily white and light beechwood, with little black accent.

http://www.groundswell.fi/sim/wp-content/upload/01-07/losroques1.jpg — This one, on the other hand, used dark-value colors, like the dark wood on the wall, red velvety upholstery on the chairs and the black granite floor tiles.

Part 4:

Local establishment: modularArts, Inc.
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