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Media and My Background

In Mass Communication on October 22, 2009 at 10:51 pm

The podcast from KUOW was quite interesting. I guess my biggest take-away is when Howard Finberg posted the question, “Twitter is new now, when does it become old?” And then Hanson Hosein replied to the host’s question regarding new media. He considers the term “new media” is redundant. Instead of calling all these digital media “new,” he simply calls them “media,” and radio, newspaper and the like “legacy” or “traditional” media. This statement totally agrees with what Howard Finberg was saying, all the different forms of digital media are changing so fast nowadays, keeping up with the platform is no longer the priority. What is more important is that the communication is no longer one-way and one-time only. Instead, it has become an ongoing relationship where messages are being exchanged constantly between the senders and the receivers. Therefore, we, as graphic designers, must be careful about what and how we communicate our messages, and not rely on the filter that we once had.

Having a print background, it is impossible to separate my experience with traditional media like print and photography. That’s how I entered and learned about the field. In fact, I am still having difficulties switching from print to web, and I believe that there will always be a place for print and photography.

The new media offer us great convenience. Whether one is a print designer, web designer, or, designer in any field, research is crucial in any project that we do. With the Internet, loads of information are right at our fingertips (literally), we just need to exercise discretion and be sure to use credible sources. What is more, being able to have instant communication with anyone anywhere tremendously improves productivity and reduces traveling costs. Like the pod cast guest, Howard Finberg, if the host didn’t mention that he’s actually in Florida at the time of the show, I would have never known.